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(480) 755-7110

“I hired Marc Victor as my Attorney for multiple felony charges I was facing. I had 8 felony charges and was looking at jail time. He did an incredible job of defending me and kept me out of jail. He and his entire staff are great. Marc is an excellent attorney. He is honest and straight forward. If you have been arrested do not talk to anyone, especially the police until call his office. You will not be sorry. He is the best.”
- Carrie G.

“Marc Victor is an exemplary attorney. He was able to understand the seriousness of my son’s criminal charges as well as the potential consequences, he proceeded quickly to speak with the district attorney and judge, looking to negotiate the best possible results for my son. He is a different type of attorney, he understands and empathizes genuinely with your situation. He is diligent and effective! He was also willing to work with us regarding our financial responsibilities. I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for this man, who is dedicated to his profession and puts Integrity before profits every day of his life!”
- Veronica

“It gave me great confidence knowing that I was being represented by the most experience attorney Marc j Victor and his team. Marc and his team took great pride in helping me out of my situation, his unique way of approaching my case was nothing but phenomenal. I felt safe because of his beliefs and the passion he as for what he does. He assured me that he would get the best result and he did, and that’s how I know I couldn’t not have had a better attorney representing me than one who promises victory and actually delivers.”
- Albert

"Attorneys For Freedom is the firm you want to hire. Everyone in the office was hospitable and always helpful. They made a terrible experience a bit more bearable. Attorney Howard Dworman was at every appearance on time and well prepared. He fought until the end and kept me free, which was the best possible outcome. Worth every dime. I cannot more highly recommend this firm! Arizona gun laws are no joke. Be safe with your gun."
- Satisfied Client

"From consultation to settlement, The Attorneys For Freedom handled my personal injury case with exceptional service. Jody and Monica clearly communicated every step of the process, asking for my concerns and opinions before decisions were made and the claim finalized. Files were made easily accessible and questions were answered quickly. I am very happy with how my case was handled and the people that helped make it so easy."
- Satisfied Client

"No law firm will work harder for you than Attorneys For Freedom. Outstanding lead attorney Howard Dworman, assisted by Marc Victor and the rest of their team, went above and beyond to help our son get the best possible outcome from a very difficult situation. Throughout the process, it felt like the whole firm was doing nothing but working on our son's case. The accident reconstruction and mitigation experts Marc recommended were top notch. Considering all the work done on our son's behalf, the fees were very reasonable. Overall, you will not find better legal representation in the greater Phoenix area than Attorneys For Freedom."
- Satisfied Client

“I made the best decision when I chose Attorneys for Freedom to represent me during my auto accident case. The accident totaled my vehicle and injured me when a driver ran a red light in an intersection I was driving through. That situation became worse when that driver claimed I was at fault. There is nothing worse than having to prove your own innocence but Attorneys for Freedom fought hard for me. Their experience, professionalism and tenacious investigation won my case. They were able to recover video evidence of the actual accident, interviewed eyewitnesses and in the end proved that driver was 100% at fault. It was fight I couldn't have done alone and I am grateful for my attorney Jody and Monica for being there with me every step of the way. I recommend them highly!”
- Satisfied Client

“The staff is absolutely phenomenal! All of my questions were answered promptly and I was updated throughout the process of my legal case. Money well spent, as the outcome of my matter was completely dismissed. Highly recommended!”
- Satisfied Client

"I was recommended Attorneys for Freedom from a colleague and I had Howard and Tiffany working on my case. They did an awesome job on my case and helping me understand what was occurring during this stressful process. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for legal representation and I will continue to use them when needed."
- Satisfied Client

"I am very thankful for this firm. Andy made my life so much easier and Kiani was available every time I called. Anything I needed and all questions I had they handled immediately. I had several cases that were resolved better than I had hoped. Thanks guys!"
- Satisfied Customer

*Contact us at 480.755.7110 or email